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The Global Campaign Green Action Week

The Global Campaign Green Action Week

In 2015, the International Association "Eurostrategy" became a partner of the information and educational campaign Green Action Week in Odessa.
Green Action Week is an information and educational campaign aimed at popularizing the use of organic food. They are part of the World campaign, initiated by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, which is being held simultaneously in 25 countries around the world in the first week of October.

"WEEK OF ENVIRONMENTAL CONSUMER - 2015" in the city of Odessa was conducted by the International Association "Eurostrategy" with the support of the All-Ukrainian ecological public organization "MAMA-86".

This year the campaign was held under the motto: "Live organically!" And was focused on promoting organic nutrition and farming.

From September 28 to October 4, within the framework of "WEEK OF ENVIRONMENTAL CONSUMER - 2015", the International Association "Eurostrategy" together with the network of natural products stores "ECO - Lavka" held a number of events "Promotion of organic consumption among the population" What do we eat? ".

The Association volunteers, along with store employees, communicated with the population of different age groups on the consumption of organic food and the benefits of organic products. In the shops were posted posters "Ecology in a plate: ten steps towards nature", as well as booklets "What we eat?" And "Organic advice to moms."

The week ended with a dance flash mob in the Odessa City Garden.

Volunteers of the Social Movement "Social Unity" took part in the dance flash mob. The symbol of the event was a basket with apples and balloons with the logo "Live organically". At the end of the flash mob, volunteers distributed apples and booklets "What do we eat?", Told about the benefits of consumption of organic products.

"WEEK OF ENVIRONMENTAL CONSUMER" was held in Odessa for the first time, but we hope this will become a good annual tradition.