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Menskoye UTC held its first working meeting on the initiative "Community, friendly to children and youth"

Menskoye UTC held its first working meeting on the initiative

Immediately, on July 25, Eurostrategy met two communities participating in the UNICEF Global Initiative for Children's and Youth's Youth-Friendly. The first was Menskaya UTC, Chernihiv region. Among the participants of the meeting were: members of the created working group for the implementation of the Initiative, the head of the settlements included in the community, members of the executive committee of the city council, youth council and student government.

From the beginning of the meeting, the initiative, directions of work, stages of its implementation, the conditions for obtaining the status of “Candidate Community” and “Community Friendly for Children and Youth” were presented. The chairman of the united community, Gennady Primakov, declared the importance for society of joining the initiative and the readiness to fulfill all the conditions for obtaining the corresponding statuses. Snezhana Fedorchenko, a leading specialist in the education department and coordinator for the implementation of the initiative, spoke about the results of a survey of target groups, the preparation of an analytical report "On the state of ensuring the rights of children and youth in the community" and preliminary measures that can be included in the Action Plan. Further, already in a closer composition, headed by Deputy Chairman Yury Stalnichenko, we discussed the completion of applications, the collection of administrative indicators, and their calculation to fill out Additional 5 and the Children's Passport of the community. Also, among other things, they discussed the revitalization of the Youth Council, renewal of its composition and closer involvement in cooperation with local authorities. There was also a discussion of the possibility of receiving 1% and 3% income tax after receiving the corresponding statuses.

At the end of the meeting, they discussed the dates for submitting an analytical report for consideration, its approval and the beginning of the development of an “Action Plan” and a “Plan for Monitoring and Evaluation of the Implementation of an Action Plan”, as well as their approval at a city council session.

Work goes on!