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EcoSchool 2016 Continuation follows

EcoSchool 2016 Continuation follows

For four participants, the Summer Eco School "EcoSchool 2016" continued in Transcarpathia.
To "infect" young people with the idea of a friendly attitude to the nature of the Carpathians, and that this idea develops into a lifestyle and remains with them forever, the RMEO "ECOSPHERE" has been conducting an ecological camp "School in Nature" for 16 years in a row.

This year the National Nature Park "Enchanted Land" became a platform for studying, researching and observing the real wildlife.

Every day was intense and interesting: morning exercises, conducting research on the territory, exciting games in English and unusual forest and water games, as well as cognitive trainings: "Handling solid waste", "Forest ecosystems", "Water ecosystems", hikes on Smerekova stone and the "Black Bug".
Only here the natural life and entertainment were of special interest:
-drawn "by hand" agenda in English;
mountain river;
air from cardboard;
-handmade - a picture made of natural materials: stones, a flower of a forest sunflower, decorated with leaves of a fern;
- incredibly natural woven from the leaves of a doll-motanka;
- bird feeder made of used PET bottles, carefully decorated with forest green moss;
-and for entertainment - pyramids of stones ...
We are grateful to the RMSE "ECOSPHERE" for the invitation. And we are waiting for the next year ...