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Strategic Planning of the Blind Society in Odessa

Strategic Planning of the Blind Society in Odessa

On February 7-8, representatives of the IA “Eurostrategy” took part in the two-day training of Ruslan Kraplich on the methodology and use of the experience of the Fund of the Princes-benefactors of Ostrozhsky. Training was held for 20 members of the Odessa regional organization "UTOS" and its partners. The event was held within the framework of the "Civil Society Strengthening Project", which is implemented by ISAR "Yednannya" with the support of USAID.

Within two days the participants received a knowledge base on strategic planning of the organization's activities, this allowed to analyze the structure and the strategic development for the next few years, taking into account internal and external risks and opportunities, correctly determine the goals and mission of the organization.

Also during the training, the participants were able to get answers to the questions:

- How to diagnose the current state of the organization and the willingness to go into the future, what is a SWOT- analysis and a  power field,

- How, on the basis of analytical diagnostics, to set achievable goals of the organization, the relevant Mission and vision? (3 ways of goal setting),

- Why structural changes are needed and why should they be improved to achieve viability?

- How to ensure your own organizational development?

- How to achieve the desired? Plan processes and products (quantitative and qualitative results). Ways to involve people in planning and achieving outstanding results of the organization.

After training with the assistance of Ruslan Kraplich's consultations, the organization will prepare a strategic plan, according to which the following years will operate.