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The third Children's Fishing Festival "Kingfisher"

The third Children's Fishing Festival

Fishing agility, ingenuity and luck have been praised for centuries. Dangerous maritime profession or favorite hobby for a huge number of people around the world. Fishing is once and for all. Communication with nature and real emotions - that's why everyone loves fishing. "Kingfisher" is a children's holiday, which is created to give it all to little fishermen.

The third Children's Fishing Festival "Kingfisher" took place, traditionally at the Baraboi pond on May 30. This year the organizers were the International Association "Eurostrategy", Charitable Foundation "Caritas Odessa UGCC", Rotary Club "Odessa Sea Energy" and the Public Initiative " Center of Historical Tourism and Practical Archeology "EXTEAM", sponsors were TM "Mad Carp" International association "Eurostrategy". The event was held in partnership with the International Charitable Foundation "Caritas Ukraine", Public Union "Social Investment Council", the Federation of Fisheries of Odessa region, the "Baraboi" pond, shop "Flagman", fishing shop "Two carp", Bank "Sich", Charitable Foundation "Unity of the Community" and Social Crowdfunding Resource Platform "SIPstarter" (sip-starter.com). This year, Rotarians from the "Ishmael" Rotary Club came to "Kingfisher" to support the event. Thank you all for creating this holiday. The main thanks to young fishermen!

The festival is a one-day inclusive event with elements of psychological relaxation, aimed primarily at overcoming socio-psychological problems and barriers faced by children in difficult life circumstances and children with disabilities.

The goals of the festival are also to promote a healthy lifestyle and fishing in order to involve children in active recreation and to form a full-fledged inclusive space in Ukraine.

The event was attended by 42 children, about 112 fish and 2 crayfish were caught and released. All participants received awards in 42 nominations and valuable gifts from the organizers and partners!

See you at the next Children's Fishing Festival "Kingfisher"!