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Start of the project "Child and youth friendly community"!

Start of the project

In March 2018, Ukraine formally joined the Worldwide Initiative "Child-Friendly Cities" launched by the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), and in April, the International Association "Eurostrategy" within the framework of the 5-year partnership agreement with UNICEF (Ukraine) became the official implementer of the project “Child and youth friendly community”, which provides for the protection of 5 basic child rights, including the right to education and health.

This initiative is a global movement that brings together local authorities, civil society and business to reach consensus on key issues for the well-being of all children and young people and also helps to attract children and youth to cooperation at all stages of local development.

So, children and young people can constantly change their community for the better; the municipality, in turn, receives strong public and investment support, which contributes to the development of local democracy and consensus-building at the municipal level and local business, investing in social welfare and respect for the rights of children and young people, helps to stabilize the local situation, contributes to the predictability of local development and governance processes, and is recognized by society.

The communities that will be active in protecting the rights of children and young people will be recognized by the UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) and will receive a special status with the logo “Child and youth friendly community”, which will allow the society to work more effectively with other communities both outside Ukraine and inside the country - to attract investment, first of all, in social projects.

The “Eurostrategy” Association within the framework of the announced project will support selected Ukrainian UNICEF municipalities / ATHs, who expressed their strong desire to join the initiative “Child and youth friendly community” on such issues:

- assessment of the situation on the implementation of the rights of children and youth at the community level (situational analysis);

экспертные консультации по составлению плана действий и бюджета для его воплощения;

- expert advice on drawing up an action plan and budget for its implementation;

- definition of indicators for monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of the initiative;

- increasing the participation of children and young people in decision-making and community planning;

- achievement of the established criteria for obtaining the official status of "Child Friendly City".

So, we offer communities of all levels an effective tool that helps to implement mechanisms for protecting the interests, growth of well-being, the safety of children and youth, as well as respect for their point of view.