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Needs of Odessa Territorial Defense Units

Needs of Odessa Territorial Defense Units

Friends! The public initiative "Assistance to the Odessa Territorial Defense" is aimed at meeting the non-military and humanitarian needs of the territorial defense units in connection with the hostilities in Ukraine. We are acting on the basis of the Memorandum with the Territorial Defense Forces "South".

At the moment, literally everything is needed: from furniture, stationery and food to thermal imagers and night vision devices. The full list can be found on the project page.: https://sip-starter.com/.../potrebi-pidrozdiliv-odeskoji...

We administer the account and will make payments as requested by the Defense Department. The platform is accountable and transparent. You can make charitable donations using our Platform by clicking the "DONATE" button!

Every inhabitant of Odessa, every inhabitant of our region can contribute to the formation of a strong and reliable Odessa territorial defense.

Wait for help or do it yourself? It's about our choice. We stay in our house. Whether our Odessa territorial defense will be strong depends on us.

It doesn't matter who you are - a worker, an entrepreneur, a farmer, a businessman - you can make your own contribution. Join the initiative. The Foundation of benefactor princes Ostrozhsky has already joined the initiative.