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The initiative “Children and Youth Friendly Community” in Kharkov

The initiative “Children and Youth Friendly Community” in Kharkov

On December 13, the second working meeting was held on the implementation of the global initiative of the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) “Children and Youth Friendly Community” in Kharkov. As last time, the meeting took place in the premises of the Youth Hub on the Freedom Maidan. Representatives of the EuroStrategy, as the only one implementing partner of  UNICEF in Ukraine to implement the Initiative and the city working group, discussed the next stage of the Initiative - the development of an Action Plan and a Plan for monitoring and evaluating the implementation of the Action Plan. We paid special attention to the indicators of Application 5, figured out how to plan them, indicate and then report during monitoring.

From the side of the city, 3 selected directions for further work were presented and urgent problems that were identified during the analysis. As a result, the city will work to ensure: “The right to recognition, respect and fair treatment”, “The right to quality services: health, education and social protection” and “The right to childhood”. Further work will focus on the development of an Action Plan and a Monitoring and Evaluation Plan. The presentation of the Analytical report “On the State of Ensuring the Rights of Children and Youth in the City” is already scheduled for the second half of December. The issue of accumulation and storage of information during the implementation of the Action Plan, that is, the formation of a database for the implementation of the Initiative, was not ignored. For the city, this issue is very important, because a lot of events are planned. We discussed in what form it is better to store information about events and in general what kind of information should be stored and why?

During the meeting, representatives of the working group were quite active and shared their achievements and best practices regarding children and youth in the city. A lot of words were said about the work of public organizations with children and youth, about the creation, with the support of the Non-Formal Education project, “Horizon. Motivation ”on the basis of the school of space for ruffers, as well as break dance schools. At the end of the meeting, we also agreed on the dates for sending the first developments of the two plans. Ahead is still the approval of the developed documents at the session of the city council and the receipt of the Honorary status “Candidate community. Children and Youth Friendly Community ”

Work continues!!!