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Summer school «EcoSchool - 2017: Sustainable development»

Summer school «EcoSchool - 2017: Sustainable development»

June 27 - July 1, “EcoSchool - 2017: Sustainable Development” summer would take place in the Odessa State Ecological University in the premises of Ecoprostir.

Organizers: International Association "Eurostrategy" in partnership with Odessa State Environmental University (OSEU). The event is held with the support and participation of the global international initiative of the UNICEF - U-Report.

       The concept of sustainable development, established by the UN Commission, is to satisfy the needs of modern society without jeopardizing the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

       Today humanity consumes much more than it actually needs. Moreover human activities are carried out disregarding the realities of tomorrow.

The main objectives of “EcoSchool 2017 - Sustainable development”:

  • The provision of the necessary unique ecological knowledge to students, enabling them to implement environmental initiatives, develop environmental and scientific projects;
  • The empowerment of environmental activists through the ecologization of thinking and personal growth. Participants would learn more about the main aspects of healthy and ecological nutrition and about the sound approach to sports and recreational activities.
  • Education of self-confident and thoroughly prepared environmental activists who are able to correctly perceive, analyze and implement  information on environment;
  • Formation of ecological consciousness and popularization of the concept of sustainable development among young people.

          Eco-School is open for 35 active pupils of 8-10 grades who are interested in issues of sustainable development in Ukraine and would like to learn more on ecology.

The program includes interesting lectures, master classes and trainings, interactive classes and creative work (eco-trace creative map). This year for a first time the pupils would take part in sports event within Eco School. They would be able to learn how to stay healthy, active and would be able to the answers to important questions:

- How does the world see a healthy person? What is he thinking about?

- What do we eat and how does it affect our health and mood?

- Why do we love sports?

- How to train correctly and rest properly?

- How to get useful sports skills in 6 days and why will they change us forever?

Eventually, at the final part of the event participants would take tour and excursion to Belgorod-Dnestrovsk fortress. The program of the event is designed in the way that would inspire children to learn  and understand nature, interact with it correctly, to consider the consequences of irrational use of natural resources, their limitations today and their depletion in future.

          More than 20 lecturers and speakers, 4 days of interesting creative work, 35 participants, sports trainings and competitions, a lot of gifts and prizes all this is "EcoSchool 2017 - Sustainable development".

The participation is free of charge. Limited number of participants!

For detailed information about “EcoSchool - 2017: Sustainable development” please click here:

Registration is here.

Registration will be open until 21.06. 2017.

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We are looking forward to seeing you at EcoSchool - 2017: Sustainable development!

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